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British cat is a fascinating companion for man.
British cat is an animal very quiet, friendly and smart.



About British Shorthair cats' character by Boguslawa Czarnecka


What is a prevalent feature in British shorthair's character?

I like British shorthairs because of their character, what is the most important in breeding. They're very calm, with moderate temperament, not intrusive but also very sweet and friendly to people and other animals. Very quickly, they acclimatize to a new place of living. It's not difficult to them to make friends with other animals. I really appreciate one thing: they're not "pests" - while comparing them to other cats' breeds, having light body. For a British shorthair - it's impossible to hang with it's head down, hitching to the ceiling with it's claws.

The article published in Kocie Sprawy No 2/2001

The British shorthair's body is too heavy to make such things. They joyful character, the tolerance in view of British shorthair's master's strange ideas - like cat shows - make this breed very nice companion. But don't think that a British shorthair is a lazy cat. They love to play, especially kittens, in the age of 3-4 weeks, they start to play. And the British shorthair is always ready to play. As an adult cat it's more grave, dignified, it's seems that this cat prefers to talk to us instead of running for a mouse-toy the thing a British shorthair always loves.

My Kliford, in the age of 3 years, loves to run with me all over the flat, jumping and playing. These cats are very intelligent, but one should "liberate" this intelligence. A British shorthair owner must be in full psychological contact with this cat, talking to it, teaching some simple commands - this make that cat's brains "works" and it became to be more wise. After some time we realize, that we expect the answer from our cat and we're very surprised while hearing our own words to "a little bear": "Answer me, why do you keep silent!"

What is a difference in character between male and female?

The females are not so strong, as the male is. They don't also have so expressively marked cheeks. In general, the male's or female's character is not very different. But the cat's character is sometimes very individually developed. There's one very important thing. The British shorthair male, not neutered, hasvery strong character. He tries to take control over all other cats around, including the owner. The male's character is very dominant. "When someone wants to have a British shorthair male, one must to neuter him as soon as possible. After neutering, this independent male becomes very quickly "sweet little bear"!

For which kind of people may you recommend a British shorthair?

Is this cat better for an elderly person, or rather as child's pupil? I think that this breed is good for everybody. It may satisfy people's need of love and it concerns the adults as well as the children. This cat doesn't need very much of care (though it likes grooming and body massage), it's a healthy, strong cat, immune to diseases and - at the same time - it's a very sweet animal. It's not whimsical and our attention to it during the day is sufficient for the British shorthair cat's good humour and psychological health. The elderly people usually seek a cat, which won't disrupt their life. And the British shorthair is exactly the cat they need. For a child, who learns to take care of a cat, the British shorthair is like a teddy bear. It's not possible for a child to put his fingers deep into a cat's coat. The British shorthair's coat is too short and silky and that's why a baby can't harm a cat. The moderate temperament, calm and the dignity of British shorthairs will have good influence to a child's character.

by Bogusława Czarnecka


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