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British kitten purchase, information about castration, carrying a cat, allergy.
What a kitten needs (layette) what should we buy in the beginning.



If you plan to purchase a kitten from my cattery please make yourself familiar with my comments below. It will help you to confront your abilities with reality and also if you treat them seriously it will save you from bad surprises or problems connected to purchasing and having a cat.

Kociak brytyjski liliowy z hodowli MUEZZIA cat is a very sensitive animal, which has physical and also mental needs. We shall first think if we can manage taking care of it as the purchase "for a child" does not mean that the child will take over that responsibility. It's you who will be responsible for health, happiness and also life of our favorite. You should treat the decision of such purchase very seriously. Lets bare in mind that the whole family needs to accept the new habitant.


ALLERGY: Lets not forget that a cat is very often an allergy factor, especially those cats with reach undercoat, to which group British Shorthair belong. It rarely happens that special tests do not show such allergy, therefore before the purchase you should think of doing a test and also visiting cats show and stay there for couple of hours. This all is to make sure that every family member will not suffer from the allergy. My suggestion is to touch cats as much as you can and it is allowed to be absolutely sure.

Ideally, this practical way of checking it should be done a few times. Direct contact with cat especially in the place where the air is full of cats smell, hair and spit will certainly free the hidden allergy, in case there is any. Pain in the eyes, swollen eyelids and whole face, skin allergy spots, sneezing and coughing is the most common symptoms of an allergy to a cat. In case such reaction will appear you should hold with your decision about purchasing a cat and explain those symptoms. You should first have the treatment trial and than try the contact with the cat again. Please remember that the breeder should not accept a return of a cat that once left the cattery.

The reason is that every cat that goes out of the cattery will remain an outsider, as it is a potential danger for health of other cats upon return. to the fact that I do not accept bringing the cats back to me I strongly recommend considering my suggestions. In case the cat is not considered to be a part of professional cattery it should be castrated or sterilized. You should overcome all doubts or fears you have about such operation before the purchase of a cat as later it might be very difficult. Please remember that castration or sterilization is the healthiest way to avoid problems connected with their constant need of having children.

Permanent heats of female cats leading them to the physical edge that often finish with the infection of uterus, cancer of uterus and nipple, mainly gained after hormonal therapies applied against the constant heats, spreading the stinky smelling urine be an adult male cat - are all the dramas that could be easily avoid by rational thinking about this problem in advance. We should realize that the cat suffers a lot because of us as wellas the costs of the treatment or life saving of our favorite in these circumstances is usually very high.

CASTRATION: A cat should be castrated when he is about 6 month old, after he becomes an adult male. The earliest time of castration is when the cat is about 6 months old till he becomes 1 year. This is the best time as the male is grown up and his urethra is developed too. Male cats are grown up hormonally when they have very intensive smell of the urine typical for male cats. At that time they often start to spread their urine everywhere. It is a natural behavior of cat type animals used for marking the area for female cats that are in reproduction time. If the male keeps on marking the area for too long they might become strong enough to stay forever even after a castration.

FEAMLES BRITISH CATS should be sterilized after the become 6 months old at the earliest but always after their first heat. Sterilized female cat after 24 hours should behave like there has never been an operation. Male cats fell also very good - operation done about 15 hours before is not stopping them from going after female on heat cats as he is still able to smell. Usually, after the operation, there is no necessity of putting the collar on their necks. My animals leaving the cattery, which I castrate or sterilize, always feel like that after operation. It is simply well done, professional operation. And this should always be like that…

INTERESTING! About sterilization you can read in the article "The truth about sterilisation" wrote by vet Mariusz Mikow which was published in the magazine "Cztery łapy kochamy zwierzaki " ("Four legs we love animals") nr November 2002.

KITTENS BRITISH leave my cattery when they are minimum 12 weeks old, or later, what depends on their grown up and independence level. I decide myself when they can leave and I do not listen to requests of the potential buyers, as I need to be absolutely convinced that the kitten is ready to start life on its own. I sell kittens only with the pedigree document, after the first vaccination and minimum 7-14 days after vaccination quarantine. It is possible to choose the kitten much in advance and pay the deposit.All kittens that are reserved that way are given away on the same conditions as others - when he is ready to start a life on his own. So the time of picking up the kitten cannot be exactly estimated. Sometimes it is necessary that the cat stays longer in the cattery for example in case of the negative after vaccination reaction.

TRANSPORTATION OF A CAT BRITISH: For the safety of stressed cat he should be transported in the plastic basket called transporter, easy in use, with air access holes only in the top part of the transporter. Brytyjskie koty hodowla Inside you should place a piece of smooth cloth, and in case of longer journey it should be equipped with the pampers (you can buy such rectangular shape pampers in pharmacy). In case outside temperature is low or its windy you should use the warm cloth from inside as well as a strong wind protecting cover outside. This will prevent the cat from getting called and sick as the consequence.

ATTENTION! Every buyer of a cat gets the following documents upon the receipt of his cat: pedigree, vaccination booklet and detailed information in writing how he should take care of him.



Kocurek brytyjski liliowy z hodowli MUEZZI szykuje sie do zmiany domu

What a kitten needs (layette)
what should we buy in the beginning
a new member for of our Family



Transporter Atlas 20 dla kota brytyjskiego - polecany przez hodowle MUEZZI
Materacyk do transporteka kota brytyjskiego
Medium size cage
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Little mattress to put
in the cage
Toaleta z lopatka do zwiru dla kota brytyjskiego
Litterbox & small shovel
Mineral or wooden gravel
Kuweta przelotowa do zwirku dla kociaka brytyjskiego
Komplet grzebykow do czesania futerka kota brytyjskiego
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Accessories for coat brushing
Miseczki stalowe dla kociaka brytyjskiego
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