Castration - IS IT NECESSARY?



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No November 2002



Sterilization in modern veterinary

Because the life of a dog or cat among people has a great influence on their instincts and sexual behavior, depriving cat or dog of possibility for reproduction would save them from the pain of lack of satisfaction.

In natural environment animals' fertility is subordinated not only by the hormonal regulation but also by complicated relationships in a group of both sexes. Domesticated animal lives in a new group, a group of people, what has a great influence on its sexual reactions. This is, among other things, the price of domestication. The domesticated animal doesn't live in harmony with nature! Animals' owners, who don't want to think about sterilization because in their opinion it's against nature, should think about it.

What's the sterilization?
The surgical sterilization of males it's surgical testicles' removal. In the case of females, ovaries are removed as well as the uterus. Males' castration it's a simple operation (it's sufficient to cut the scrotum), in the case of females the abdominal cavity must be opened. That's why females' operation is more serious.

Despite the fact, that more and more cats' owners are decided to sterilize their pets, there're still many controversies. Pets' owners are afraid of surgical intervention. They think that it's not necessary to stop sexual activity of an animal. Others expect changes in their animals' behavior, as languor, inclination for eating too much and being fat. Others want to do it but they're afraid of making their pet pain and anesthesia.
We want to explain these doubts. What it concerns putting on weight after the surgical intervention, it's enough to lower the amount of food or to give the convenient food. The animal is fat because of its owner, not because of sterilization. After sterilization, animals don't lose their activity. Contrary - they are longer in excellent condition.
However, the surgical intervention is radical method, but made properly don't make any pain to animal. Recently it's recommended to give painkillers before the surgical operation (known as overtaking analgesia). Such owner can ask to give the cat a painkiller, before surgical operation. Actually, there're many safe and effective painkillers, applied before or after the surgical intervention, such as Rimadyl.

Safe anesthesia
Most of animals are sterilized where they're young. This is safer. Before the operation, each animal is examined, additionally, blood examination is executed in justifiable cases.
The patient obtains the anesthesia through veins or mouth. Modern methods of anesthesia are safe. The medicines don't cause any unwelcome reactions. The action of some of them is possible to be reversed in any moment with the special antidote (Domitor or Antisedan). Other medicines, such as anesthetic gases, have short action; the anesthesia is interrupted after gas isn't given to an animal. There's also electronic equipment which monitor animal's vital functions and detect eventual disturbances.

Causing infertility with the aid of pharmacology is tied up with many problems. Sometimes, contraception doesn't work so long as it's described by the producer. What is more, pharmacological contraception needs regularity. If we forget to give the medicine, the female may be pregnant.
Contraception may also be incidental, from inflammation in the place of injection, through uterus' inflammation, to the activity of uterus' tumor. So, the important advantage of surgical sterilization is to avoid diseases of uterus. Another advantage of surgical sterilization is, that it's a guaranteed, effective method, in the whole animal's life. The operation executed on young female reduces also the risk of nipple's tumor. It also limits the probability of fanciful pregnancy.

Veterinary doctor Mariusz Mikow

Attention! The animal should be on an empty stomach. Ignoring it may cause choking with vomit.


From: 'Waldek '

Sent: Saturday, October 22, 2005 10:20 AM


Subject: prosba o rade

Dear Mrs Boguslawa,

Id like to ask you to help us resolve the difficult situation, because you have experience with cats. Some time ago, we had problem how to learn our cat to eat dry cat food and your advice was very efficient. Actually, we have problem mentioned below: Our cat Dexter Devon rex, born October 26, 2005, will finish his 13 months old. It started about a month ago, that he doesnt pee to his litter box, but to other places and we havent idea why does he do it; does he try to tell us something or does he spray? He started to pee to the turtles terrarium as well as to flowerpots. After the consultation with many friends, my wife bought larger litter box and another cat litter. Then, he stopped to spray for a while. We didnt neuter Dexter, because hes rather cute male, hes like his father and, in our opinion, hes a bit larger than his father. Meantime, we saw Devon rexes in other catteries, having ancestors imported in 90 from Italia and we concluded that those cats are genetically smaller, probably because of close relations.

Thats why we didnt decide to neuter Dexter. We wanted to show him and use him to make Devon rex breed stronger, dont to gain money.

From about two weeks, Dexter started to spray again in strange places. He started from my new laptop bag the old one was used as a place to sleep. Just when I take out my computer from the bag, leaving it on the settee he made pee into the bag. He did it also to the printer, on magazines, to my wifes new bag and in other places.

We dont know if its an ordinary territory spraying or maybe he wants something.

I observe Dexter walking through the apartment hes the only animal except the turtle sniffing at everything. We love Dexter and were sure that hes happy with us. Maybe sometimes he feels alone in the morning because of rush.

Mrs Bogusia, Ill be much appreciated for any advice from your part. We dont want to neuter him, if it isnt necessary, because of two reasons. Maybe he will be good as a stud to improve Devon rex as a breed in Poland, because of his genetic material. Were able to accept the fact of spraying if well sure that it isnt the effect of a disease or lack of something. If well buy a spayed female for him, maybe itll help to solve the problem?

Thank you for your advice in advance.




----- Original Message -----

From: Boguslawa Czarnecka

To: 'Waldek'

Sent: Saturday, October 22, 2005 12:38 PM

Subject: RE: prosba o rade

Hello, Unfortunately, this is a typical symptom of males puberty. The male sprays everything. Everything which isnt marked of his odour and which should be marked He also marks again places marked earlier to make the odour stronger. You should decide to do something, but its impossible to live with a spraying male. Even you dont know when your cat will mark your trousers and youll know about it during a very important business dinner This is simply his nature, hes worry about clean, fresh smell of something which should be HIS own from a long time. Smelling everything is the signal, that your cat still tracks, looks for something, he doesnt like everything, new odours, something unusual and concerning to something he doesnt understand, it should be marked then, his problem is resolved! When he was younger, he didnt pay attention to odours, he smelled, maybe he bury something invisible with his paw and he played again. Actually, these odours are great challenge and problem for him! He must resolve it!

This is cats psyche. One day cat decides that all the area belongs to him and he must show it to dont allow any intruder to appear. It is impossible to live with a spraying male. When you use the kitchen to make a dish and you must throw away everything because males urine is horrible, its everywhere. You wont air it even during several days. The male sprays everywhere: on the curtains, on the window while looking through it, on childs books, on the satchel as well as on your new laptop bag (the old one smells like the cat, so its not necessary to mark it again and to exert himself). everything is the challenge for him.

You and your family will have an enormous shame, because not only all the apartment will stink, but also everything which is inside. All will stink, especially clothes, shoes because you didnt notice that you step into invisible urine before leaving the apartment. Its possible that youll get used to it, if you have low sensibility for odours. But others will draw away from you Everything sinks and you couldnt stand it.

Its not so important in cat genetics for which you should ruin your life and you head for it.

Your cat is cute, but unfortunately, his genetically related with almost all cats in Poland. You cant create the situation when your children would have name of stinkers at school this opinion will still for a long time. It isnt possible to stop spraying the cat should stay in one, separate room, then hell accept the room as his own. After some time, hell completely mark the room, maybe he would stop to spray so often. But hell be also unhappy, because this breed should live with the family.

My advice is:

If you want to have peace in your house and family, flower smell everywhere please neuter him even today!!! You should do it as soon as possible, till he wont used to spray. If youll think about it longer, the cat will always feel the need of spraying. In that case, even neutered (and I guarantee that youll do it!!!), hell mark many places, because hell always feel the need of spraying. This is the cat nature. The male should be neutered just with the first signals of maturity or when he starts to spray. If you wont notice the moment mentioned above, the cat should be neutered in the age of about one year.

I always say, that having a non-spraying male in a cattery this is a gift from God! I had luck but if my males would spray, theyd neutered immediately and Id look for another one only non-spraying males.

Youre not a breeder, you have only the male and you dont need to use him in breeding for money. So please, take into consideration cats nature, you should treat the need of neuter him to make him free from the problems you created, because your cat is unhappy.

You wont hurt him, as many people think, especially men this is making the cat happy and gives the cat calm life in loving family. The current situation is only a start. Then, the cat may be malicious, nervous, and even aggressive because of the lack of satisfaction. But, if that would be satisfaction, that means that only to protect species and, to protect more efficiently the species, the cat feels the need of calling females more loudly, that means that he sprays more, because the males odour will affect females to him Some cats dont spray, they only rub the furniture or other things in characteristic way and this is enough to say: Im here. But other cats do it in more ostentatious way. Similar as your cat does it. To neuter a cat has influence not only his psychic health (peace), but also for physical health. Neutered cat hasnt so many stresses so hes stronger, he lives longer and this is scientifically proved.

In my opinion, giving for your male a spayed female is cruel. The male could simply torment a female. That would be a simple rape, because spayed females dont let the male to close to them. What is more males often are not interested in females which arent on heat, so this option (except moral aspect) wont give good effect.

I wish you to make the right decision

Kind Regards


P.S. The problem you write about is very important for New owners of cat males.

Id like to ask you to let me to put our correspondence on my service I think that this could help many cat owners, who dont want to hurt their cats. Maybe the problem you write about, so important and not created by me, let people realize that neuter cats, which are only pets, is really necessary.


From: Waldek

Sent: Saturday, October 22, 2005 7:37 PM

To: Boguslawa Czarnecka

Subject: Re: prosba o rade

Mrs Bogusia!

Tank you for you male and advices you presented. Of course we agree to insert our letters on your www site, because your site concerns many interesting information and I think that such a place is necessary to reach credible information from the breeder as well as a cat lover.

Well send you Dexters photos, if youre interested in other British breed than British shorthair.

If the most reasonable thing is to neuter Dexter, could you give us the address to a good vet doctor, who specializes in such operations?

Tank you in advance.

Renata, Waldek, Marcin


when we decided to buy a cat, we thought abort British shorthair- blue or lilac. Then, my wife was interested in Cornish Rex from Gdansk, but the fortune didnt let him to live with us. Last year, we saw 11-weeks-old Dexter, during the Cat Show and we fall in love immediately.

Dexter stays with us from December 17, 2004. His weight is 4,05 kg, he has beautiful coat, long legs and neck, his head and tail are similar to his father in the same age, the ears with black markings. Although his weight is 4 kg, hes thick, supple and looks like a pure breed, taking into consideration the characteristic details of the breed. Thats why, after visiting his ancestors from mothers side, when we saw little devons, with bad coat we thought that he could be a stud.


----- Original Message -----

From: Bogusawa Czarnecka

To: 'Waldek'

Sent: Sunday, October 23, 2005 12:04 AM

Subject: RE: prosba o rade


This is Mr Salewicz who always neuters my cats. He works in the pet clinic, in Wesola, Moniuszki st. You can refer to me. Thank you very much that you agreed to insert our correspondence on my site. Id be very glad to obtain Dexters photo, it will be appreciated.

Accept my greetings and please dont afraid to neuter Dexter. Everybody will have peace.. especially the male

You cant realize than you Little friend will be happy after neutering! Without those cruel sexy problems problems which are serious not only for people



From: Waldek

Sent: Sunday, October 23, 2005 8:07 AM

To: Bogusawa Czarnecka

Subject: Re: prosba o rade


Once again thank you for your advice. Ill call doctor Salewicz and, if it will be possible, Ill go there with Dexter today.

Best Regards






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